About Us

Who we are

A Commodity Trader with a Difference Aspuna Group is a new London-headquartered international commodities trading business. We are a University of Cambridge Executive MBA spin-out with the core team consisting of experienced executives with backgrounds in Commodities Trading, Banking, Market Research & Analysis and Commercial Law. Aspuna’s first operations will be in the soft markets, with a view to also trade oil, gas and metals markets in the near future. With an initial focus on Africa, Aspuna is building its trading operations on value-adding physical assets. Aspuna Group’s products will be distinguishable through the company’s sourcing and processing methods. We have made strong and fair partnerships with our local suppliers and producers the core of our strategy; placing great emphasis on socially responsible processing and trading. It is therefore an imperative for our business to add social and economic value to the communities we operate in. In an increasingly socially and environmentally conscious consumer world, Aspuna’s customers can be assured that the purchase of Aspuna commodities means the facilitation of financial independence and economic development of local, often small holder, producers and their wider communities.   In line with these commitments and business policies we have created the Aspuna Foundation.

Aspuna Foundation

Generating Social Returns Aspuna Group is committed to use a substantial share of our profits to support education and healthcare projects in the countries that we operate in. From the very beginning, we are thus differentiating ourselves through our great emphasis on social responsibility, which is reflected throughout our business value chain. Strong and fair partnerships with our local suppliers and producers aim to benefit our host communities and support them in their economic and social development.

Origin of our name

A Global Business Aspuna Group is a word creation, derived from the English word ‘Aspire’ and the Wolof word ‘Aduna’ (based on the Arabic word ‘Dunya’), meaning ‘World’.