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Processing operations

We build local processing capacities in partnership with farming communities. We currently have live operations in The Gambia and Tanzania. We also have agreements in place in Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana, Uganda and Portugal.

The Gambia

“We’re unlocking the country’s abundant but under-utilised agricultural wealth to help eradicate hunger, poverty, and unemployment.

Our first processing plant is in The Gambia. This flagship 1,200 metre processing factory is already enabling our farming partners to transform cassava into starch of a quality so far unrivalled in Africa.

Cassava starch, which is internationally known as tapioca, is an extremely versatile commodity. It has a wide range of applications, stretching from the pharmaceutical, food and textiles industries to the bio fuels market. Soon we will be adding tomato and mango processing capacity to our processing plants in The Gambia too.

Our value-adding operations in The Gambia align with the government’s World Bank-backed vision and strategy. We’re unlocking the country’s abundant but under-utilised agricultural wealth to help eradicate hunger, poverty, and unemployment.


Aspuna has recently set up a new joint-venture in Tanzania with JV Biotech Enterprises Company Limited, an Agro-processing business and manufacturing private company. The company focuses on value addition to agricultural raw materials such as cassava, potato and maize. In 2016 It started to produce bio-plastic bags and disposable food containers using potato peels. The business later started to directly process cassava and transform it into Tapioca starch, cassava flour, bio-fertilizer, and animal feed from 2017 onwards. JV Biotech Enterprises Company Limited has started to work closer with Aspuna Group Ltd on the expansion and building up large scale and enhanced cassava processing capabilities in Tanzania.

Trading operations

We have recently launched our trading operations for African agricultural products. Our new line of business stems from our vertically-integrated approach and commitment to generate positive social returns through the provision of international market access for local farming communities. We operate at significantly reduced transaction costs in order to guarantee healthier margins for our growers.

Our team holds an extensive expertise of commodity trading with more than 40-years’ combined experience. Our traders have in-depth understanding of issues driving commodity prices and their trading mechanics. In-house market research and analysis helps us to successfully hedge risks. We operate with the highest degree of integrity and transparency.

The AKÉ Collective

 In collaboration with Aspuna Group, The Aké Collective, a community of around 400 farmers from North-East Nigeria, curates, procures, and sells, retail-ready superfoods where farmers are not only paid well but fairly. While the Collective retails a number of foods sourced from Northern Nigeria, Aké also exclusively supports Aspuna Group with the marketing and logistics of their wholesale products from other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. 


We have the following offers in our portfolio:

Sesame Seeds



Shea nuts





Sugar beans



Vegetable Cooking Oils

Advisory services

Aspuna Group recently launched its advisory service. This new unit has been borne out of the successful establishment of our Africa-based processing business. As firm and deep believers in the value of knowledge-sharing as a catalyst for broad socio-economic impact, we are now offering our robust agro-processing and trading expertise to assist public and private organisations in extending African processing capacities.

Our advisory services include:

  • Agricultural sector surveys
  • Conduction of feasibility studies
  • Strategy advise and implementation guidance

As a social impact business, we only provide advisory services to clients who share our willingness to generate positive social-returns for local commodity producers and communities.

Our advisory unit receives enquiries from across the African continent, all of which we take time to assess. And each year we work with a selected group of project managers to help develop sustainable processing plants.

If you are looking for assistance in implementing your project vision, please email us with ‘advisory’ in the subject line.

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