Who we are

“Our social impact commodities business makes trading fair by locking in value at source, meaning the communities we enable you to trade with enjoy strong socio-economic returns.”

Aspuna Group is a social impact commodities business with a proven model for making trading fair. At the heart of our approach is the building of processing capacity to keep value addition within the regions where raw materials originate. Steadily growing our presence in Africa, Aspuna now owns and manages agri-processing factories in The Gambia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

We have strong and fair partnerships with our local suppliers and producers, placing great emphasis on socially responsible processing and trading. Rest assured that purchasing Aspuna’s locally processed commodities has a direct social impact on the livelihoods of small-holder farmers and their wider communities. Additionally, our relatively small manufacturing operations allow for a greater degree of transparency and traceability – two aspects that have gained enormously in significance over the past few years.

Building on our early success, we now offer to share our approach to those committed to social and ecological sustainability through the provision of engineering solutions to strengthen Africa’s agri-processing sector as well as trading solutions that connect sub-regional hubs to fast-growing industries and retail consumer markets, internationally.

Fast-growing, with headquarters in London, we are a University of Cambridge Executive MBA spin-out. Our core team consists of experienced executives with backgrounds in commodities trading, banking, market research & analysis, and commercial law. Our current operations are in the soft or agricultural markets. We plan to be active in other commodities classes too.

“We make trading fair.”

Origin of our name

Our name, Aspuna, derives from the English word ‘Aspire’ and the Wolof word ‘Aduna’, which means ‘World’. The very combination of these words reflects our ambition to become the leading social impact commodity trading house and expand our activities on a global scale.

“Our vision is of a world where all globally traded commodities add social and economic value to the communities from where they originate.”

Ethics and Values

  • We do not believe in CSR, as this is often treated as a separate entity.

  • We have embedded our commitment to the generation of socio-economic returns alongside our profits deeply into our company DNA.

  • We treat people and their communities with dignity and respect.

  • Our factory operations are managed with the greatest degree of transparency and traceability.

  • Our team operates with the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.

  • Our values and business practices put us in a strong position to deliver first-class client services and honour our business obligations.

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For our operations in The Gambia we have partnered with Cambridge-based tech company AgriInsight. Embedding AgriInsight's innovative agribusiness e-platform into our operations allows Aspuna to bring a new level of efficiency to the supply chain management of Gambian farming produce.

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